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    Rome has 2 airports:
    Ciampino Airport is the smaller one with low-budget flights (Ryanair). Distance to Rome city is 15 km. It takes 40 minutes to the city centre. Bus company Terravision connects Termini Central station with Campino airport. An one-way ticket at the airport cost 6. Online it's 4. Service frequency is every 20 minutes during the day. The public bus connects Ciampino airport with the underground station "Anagnina"(1). From there the metro takes you in 25 minutes to the centre (1). Official taxis are white with a meter. Ask the driver how much are the supplements (luggage, weekend).

    Fiumicino / Leonardo Da Vinci Airport is the international airport, 26km from Rome. The Leonardo Express train leaves every 30 minutes and goes non-stop to Termini train station. Travel time is 40 minutes. Fare 9.50. At night there are no trains to the airport. There is a nightbus running between 01.15 to 05.00. An official white metered taxi to Rome centre is 40.

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